Handcraft by Denmark – Made in Denmark.


It`s a new design concept for furniture and interior dekor focusing 100% on Made in Denmark.


Because the new generation of Danish design, still made in Denmark, is among us. Trying to show the world where we come from, who we are and what we can still do! We have some of the worlds finest cabinetmakers, who are not interested in making fine furniture for every market, they want to make their best for just some. That is why, they can be hard to find, but they are very attractive for anyone looking for something exclusive.

We also collaborate with brands, who can make designs for a larger market in the name of; Made in Denmark with passion and quality.


The showroom in Hillerød is the base. Here we have the main showroom and this is where we work from.

It`s all about house brands. We sell, we show, we make marketing in any possible way.

Storytelling and new thinking. By following us, you will see what that`s about.

The business is about branding, selling and decor concept.

The Plan

From Hillerød to New York. Everything between is part of the journey. We have high goals for this concept.

Starting in Hillerød Denmark… working every day to achieve our ambitions. The world must see the new generation of Danish design – made in Denmark. We will open new showrooms and make statments on our journey.

We are passionated about this concept and the concept is driven by our hearts and our ambitions for Handcraft by Denmark brands.


We work hard for the concept. Passion and great ideas, are pushing us in the right direction.

That`s why we are 100% committed to the plan of making this great concept for our proudest brand and heritage. Made in Denmark.


Our nations gift to the world lies in the heritage of quality furniture and design that is made to last.

That`s why our proudest statement is ”Made in Denmark”