Hippokamp Lounge Chair & Footstool

Hippokamp Lounge Chair & Footstool

Hippokamp is a tribute to furniture as an art form,- a lounge chair’s answer to a symphony orchestrated by Peter Qvist. By this chair art of engineering meets poetry in all its simplicity.

The name ‘Hippokamp’ comes from Greek Hippocampus, which means ‘Seahorse’. Most often acting as meandering mythological riding animal sometimes with wings, pulling the God Poseidon’s wagon.

Hippokamp lounge chair consists of laminated birch veneer individually oiled and waxed, and approx 85 meters polyester line.

Dimensions: H. 125 cm. W. 100 cm. L. 105 cm.

Basic model is white or black, but available in other colors on request.

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